A Guide To Cannabis Concentrates: All You Need To Know!

With more states in the US legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, the interest in cannabis products has increased manifold. If you are not interested in smoking or vaping flowers, you can consider edibles and tinctures. Then there are cannabis concentrates, which are designed to have higher concentrations of desired cannabis compounds, called the cannabinoids. In this post, we are sharing some of the basic things worth knowing about cannabis concentrates.

What exactly are cannabis concentrates?

As the name suggests, cannabis concentrates tend to have a higher concentration of compounds primarily THC and CBD – the two most popular and potent cannabinoids. Specific kinds of extraction processes are used for producing these cannabis concentrates, which often can have a higher concentration of other cannabis inclusions, such as flavonoids and terpenes.

What the common options?

If you are new to cannabis concentrates or have never used one, start by looking for a licensed dispensary in your state that sells these products. Their budtenders can offer a fair idea on what to expect from each cannabis concentrate and they will guide you on the basics, including dosage.

Here are some of the common kinds of cannabis concentrates-

  • Shatter is the most beautiful-looking concentrate that you will find, and it is used either by dabbing or vaping.
  • The next option is called budder, which has a wax-like texture and is designed to look like butter, and hence the name.
  • The third kind of concentrate is the crumble, also called the wax. Wax offers more flavors and is better than budder in some cases, primarily because it has been processed at a much lower temperature. If you want to use in a vape pen, this is your best choice.

  • Tinctures are also common and are the simplest ways of enjoy a concentrate. You just need to add these to your edibles, or oils can be consumed under the tongue (sublingually).
  • Pull-and-snap concentrates are also popular, and these are somewhat in between wax and shatter.

There are also other options, such as kief, hash and tinctures, which can be used for getting a better profile of cannabinoids. If you are new to the world of concentrates, make sure to start slow, because a little goes a long way in getting the desired effects. The best cannabis concentrates obviously cost a tad more, but that price is worth paying for. Check for dispensaries near you to find more.

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