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Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating is a very common condition faced by a lot of people. Those who suffer from it have to live with a constant sense of embarrassment and anxiety about the sweat circles on the shirt. Though it is a physiological issue, it does have an emotion, psychological and social effect on those who suffer from it. Hyperhidrosis is a combination of two words which means to sweat in an overactive mode. To your surprise, it is possible to treat this. There are many viable treatment options which have become available with the advancement in technology, MiraDry is one such treatment. If you suffer from Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis, then here is all that you need to know about MiraDry treatment to cope with the condition.

What is MiraDry?

Botox and MiraDry are two of the most popular options when it comes to dealing with excessive sweating. MiraDry is a great option for treating primary axillary hyperhidrosis in the underarms. It is a non-invasive treatment in which electromagnetic energy is delivered to the sweat glands which are located in the underarms. The main aim of the system is to make use of the energy to destroy the sweat glands. Once the sweat glands have been destroyed, there is no chance that they will come back. This results in an excessive reduction in the production of sweat in the underarms. The destruction of the underarm sweat glands doesn’t have a negative impact as it only reduces the sweat gland count by 2%.

What are the different areas which can be treated?

MiraDry is mainly used in the underarms region as of now as it is a very common area for primary axillary hyperhidrosis to occur. Whereas, botox can be used in various areas like the sole of the feet, forehead, groin, underarms and scalp.

What to expect during the treatment?

Before undergoing the treatment and before the system is applied to the underarm, a numbing agent will be injected to avoid any sort of pain or discomfort which may potentially arise. The treatment is done directly on the underarms and lasts up to a few minutes. The use of a numbing agent should make the treatment comfort with minimal to absolutely no discomfort. In order to enjoy optimal results, it is recommended that you repeat it twice within three months.

How long does it take to experience the results of the treatment?

One of the best parts about this is that, once you’ve undergone the MiraDry system procedure you will immediately notice a decrease in sweating after the procedure is over. Over the period of the next few days, the entire results of the procedure will be enjoyed with a drastic reduction in the production of sweat.

What are the side-effects?

There are only minor side-effects like swelling, numbness, tingling and slight soreness which should subside within a few days after the treatment.