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When it comes to the precise dose regimen, time frame, and timing of taking beta-alanine for optimum performance, it is more complicated than creatine. Beta-alanine has been demonstrated to significantly increase your lactic acid threshold and boost your cardiorespiratory performance. It is one of the most thoroughly studied and validated ergogenic aids in sports nutrition. We’ll review the specifics of the ideal beta-alanine dose regimen and when and how you ought to take it to enhance performance.

Beta-alanine dosage and when to take it

According to studies, the best dosage of beta-alanine that is high quality is between 3.2 and 6.4 grams per day at any time for at least 28 days. The 90/28 rule, which states that you must consume at least 90g of beta-alanine for 28 days to achieve the best outcome, is a simple approach to remember this.

A tingling sensation known as paresthesia is one of the acute stimulating reactions caused by beta-alanine. It’s still not entirely apparent how beta-alanine causes paresthesia or the underlying cause. According to research, beta-alanine causes topical tingling and itching by activating sensory neurons that end in the skin.

Knowing when to take your beta-alanine is essential for the best performance benefits. Taking beta-alanine in the morning or evening will be most beneficial. The performance advantages, however, depend on the muscle carnosine concentration rising with time. Therefore, continuously ingesting a clinical dose of 3.2–6.4g of beta-alanine daily is far more significant than the time of day you take beta-alanine supplements. You can increase the cumulative dose and muscle carnosine concentration over time by taking a higher daily dose.

Tips for maintaining your supplementation routine

Use a pill container to “prep” your daily supplement dose(s).

You will likely value the constancy of filling a weekly pill container with your beta-alanine supplements if you enjoy meal-prepping for the upcoming week. It only takes a few minutes and will save you time if you run out of time during the week. Additionally, it will serve as a constant reminder to take your medication so you don’t miss doses.

Schedule the time you will take your daily supplements.

A surefire strategy to maintain your commitment to your health goals is regularly scheduling your daily beta-alanine supplementation. For instance, many individuals find it simple to take beta-alanine each morning with breakfast. The procedure will eventually become almost automatic when you link taking supplements with a specific meal or time of day. Find a convenient time by reading the supplement label instructions.

Do not get uptight when you forget a dose.

Don’t let a minor beta-alanine dosage completely derail you because we are all human. If you miss taking a dose (or multiple doses), just take the next dose on your schedule. (Avoid doubling or tripling the doses in an attempt to “catch up” on missed doses.)

Taking beta-alanine that is high quality

Consistency is key when it comes to beta-alanine supplementation. So, ensure you are consistent in achieving your long-term goals. Also, ensure you use high-quality beta-alanine to get the desired results.