How to use CBG soft gels

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How to use CBG soft gels

Soft gels offer the best way to consume CBD oil. The soft gel is easy to swallow, and the oil inside contains the purest form of CBD. Here are the instructions for using the CBG soft gels.

Instructions on using CBG soft gels

Take one soft gel three times a day or as directed by a healthcare professional. Place the soft gel under your tongue and allow it to dissolve slowly before swallowing.

Possible side effects

 Decreased appetite, diarrhea, tingling sensation, drowsiness, dry mouth. If these persist or worsen, check with your doctor. Do not take CBG soft gels if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without first consulting a health professional. Keep out of reach of children. Notably, you should consume soft gels with a meal or as directed by your doctor.

You should begin to feel the effects of the CBD almost immediately and continue taking CBD for up to two weeks before you see its full benefits. There is no maximum dose, but it’s safe to take as much as you need. Side effects such as drowsiness tend to be felt at the higher end of the dosage range.

Types of soft gels

There are three soft gels: a mix of CBD and either limonene or peppermint oil, pure CBD  with no added flavors, and pure CBD with coconut oil. The mix is for pain relief, while the other two are if you prefer a more subtle flavor.

CBD soft gel comes in two varieties: one with hemp seed oil and the other with either limonene or peppermint flavoring. They are easy to swallow, however, and they don’t leave a strong aftertaste. The taste is not unpleasant, but it can take some time before you get used to it.

The pure CBD products are not mixed with either hemp seed oil or a flavoring agent, and as a result, the taste is slightly bitter, although it’s much less unpleasant than expected. They can be taken without water, but you should wash them down with something – orange juice is the best choice.