Questions to Ask your Disability Lawyer

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Questions to Ask your Disability Lawyer

When suffering from physical or even psychological disability and trying to file for your compensation benefits, you will need a good disability lawyer. When you cannot fully join the workforce due to your disability and are worried about paying bills, you qualify for disability benefits. However, the battle to reach uphill is a tedious one, and you need someone who will support you through all your legal processes.

Hiring a Colonial life disability claims lawyer will impact your health and your financial stability in the future too. Here are some basic questions that you should ask your disability lawyer during your first consultation.

Can You Tell Me How Long You Have Been a Disability Lawyer For?

Applying for your disability insurance can be a complicated and long-drawn process that requires the right lawyer. Try not to opt for a lawyer who does not come with a disability law specialty and has no experience. The right lawyer knows how to file a claim and prepare for the SSDI committee and strategize if the case reaches the court.

When you go for a lawyer who comes with experience, qualification and SSDI claim success stories; you know you are in the right hands. A good attorney knows the inside out of the whole process and has a strong attorney connection too.

How Much Will Your Services Cost Me?

Before hiring any disability lawyer, you should have an idea about the costs related to their fees and legal procedures. For some attorneys, the fee would be directly taken by SSA from your benefit and will be paid as attorney’s fees.

For some cases, if you lose the claim and the case goes to the federal court, the fee structure will not be the same. Ask them upfront about attorney fees and their mode of payment.

What Will Be The Whole Legal Process Be Like?

This is another crucial question that you should ask your lawyer during your first consultation. Usually, your lawyer would help you in filing your disability claim and send it for approval. When denied, the case will be taken to court.

The right lawyer will ensure that they are with you throughout the process and will reach you with any update or issue every time. During the processing of your claim, if you have any questions or doubts, your lawyer should have sensible answers for you. A lawyer who promises you a positive outcome no matter what is not a good sign.

What Is Your Knowledge Regarding My Medical Condition?

There are some disabilities causing medical conditions which are more prominent than others. It could be disc injuries or depression; your lawyer should be well versed in your medical condition if they are to represent you. They should know about the limitations the injury is putting in your life, both personally and professionally.

When hiring, if they are not acquainted with your case, it will not be represented accurately, and you might lose your benefits. Your medical condition should vividly showcase how it is affecting your daily life and the ability to earn.

Always ask how your lawyer would be communicating with you, whether they prefer calls or emails? Disability claims could be overwhelming and stressful, and you need a disability lawyer who would fight for you throughout.