Reading the Spa Menu – A Very Important Step

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A spa facility provides numerous services that may confuse you, especially if you are visiting a spa for the first time. A spa menu has a lot of things common like five-star hotel menus. Reputed spas will list each and every treatment you can opt for and every name will look amazing to you.

Most of the time if you do not know how to read a spa menu you might feel disappointed as you don’t know what to expect from the services. While you are opting for a definite type of spas, you must understand about the various treatments, ingredients used in the massage and equipment used in the whole process.

Spa menus and the categorization

Spa menus are categorized by the type of services they are providing, which can be massage, facials, body rituals and treatment. You will also find hand massage along with manicure and foot massage with pedicure. Resort spas will also have long therapies which can include fitness programs along with Asian therapies. Moreover, most of the reputed brands will have their signature spa.

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This is the first preference of any spa facility and mostly it starts from the first page. As you surf through you will find deep tissue massages, sports massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, aroma therapy massage in most of the centre menu books. In all these services, you will find charges as per time limitation. Most of the basic spa ends within 60 minutes and a longer period of spa can take up to 90 minutes.

You can select as per your budget. Also, if you a first-time visitor, it is suggested that you opt for 60 minutes spa for understanding the service well. Some spas also offer medicated spas which are more concentrated improving the joints pain in your back and limbs. You can also for reflexology if you are too much stressed out and really want to have a full relaxation. You may find more massages in the menu. The best way to understand what will be best suited for your skin is to ask the therapist. The professional will guide you after careful examination of your skin and knots in your back.