Relevant Facts about Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions have become popular among women in the recent past. Apart from fuller and longer hair, extensions offer an immediate change for most users. Most of the extensions are made of human hair, but others consist of high-quality faux. There are different hair extensions, with some removable and others that are tapped into your hair and can last for months.

Extensions provide a solution if you want to grow your hair for special occasions like weddings or birthdays. You may also want to change the color of your hair or hide it. It also provides a solution for hair loss caused by various diseases.

How hair extensions are made

Some extensions are made from real human hair that is collected from hair donors. The outer layers of human hair are intact, and during purchase, it is important to ensure that they flow in the same direction. It guarantees a smooth and silky appearance throughout the life of an extension.

Other extensions are made of synthetic fibers that are made to imitate human hair. Various blends of fibers resemble human hair, but they do not contain any real hair. The quality of synthetic fibers differs, and they come in different colors, styles and can be applied in various forms depending on individual needs.

How to take care of extensions

You can treat extensions like natural hair by using hair products, curl, blow-dry, or coloring them. You can also style the real hair extensions without destroying them. If well taken care of, human hair extensions can last for a long time. They blend well with your hair and look as natural as your existing hair.

Types of Extensions

There are different forms of hair extensions that you can add to your natural hair. These are;

Tape-In Extensions

These are extensions that are glued together with your natural hair. A hairdresser applies the tape-ins to align them with the roots of your hair. Tape-in hair extensions Denverbased are applied with a heated tool that makes the glue hot. When heat and glue are applied to the roots of your hair, it may damage your natural hair. Tape-in extensions can be reused if they are properly maintained.

When using hair products and conditioners on tape-ins, you should be careful as some chemicals in the products can cause the tape to fall off. To avoid this, hairdressers should use special shampoo and styling products that do not react with the tape. You can apply any style to your hair as long as it does not tamper with the roots containing glue.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions come in a strand of pieces that are attached at the base with silicone. The clips open and close with ease and are attached to the base. They come ready for use, and you can attach the clips to your natural hair without the need for a hairdresser. Clip-in extensions are not permanent, and you can remove and put them back with ease. It takes a few minutes to apply the clips, and they do not affect your natural hair.

You can style human hair in any way like your real hair. You may color, straighten or curl it depending on individual needs. Clip extensions are easy to maintain, and just like your natural hair, you have to shampoo, condition, brush and let the hair dry. When styling the extension, it is commendable to use low heat to prevent damage.

You can use various extensions depending on the type of your hair and what you need to achieve. It is advisable to find out about different extensions and how they affect your natural hair before choosing