Super Silver Haze with Legendary Genetics is Popular Cannabis Strain

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Super Silver Haze with Legendary Genetics is Popular Cannabis Strain

Super Silver Haze has won the Cannabis Cup in consecutive three years 1997, 1998, and even 1999. Its pedigree is impressive. Northern Light, Skunk, and Haze are its lineage. It is still the most popular cannabis strain among worldwide consumers.

Origin of the strain

Green House Seeds gets the credit of crossbreeding and popularizing Super Silver Haze for more than 2 decades. It is equal to the effects of a supergroup, so cannabis fans prefer it. Northern lights shared its resin production, cerebral, and resilience characteristics. Skunk No.1 and Haze are both popular for energetic and uplifting experiences. Both make an excellent foundation for another Sativa-dominant strain.

Plant features

The seeds produce plants covered with silvery THC resin glands, which please the eyes. Buds are sticky and long with THC percentage as high as 21%. The height is tall and can become challenging to work with. However, with patience, it is worthy to cultivate this superpower strain. Vegetative growth can be constrained to avoid the plant getting out of hand.

Super Silver Haze is regarded to be mold-resistant. This feature is crucial, especially when your grow room is vulnerable to mold spores. Flowering duration is complete 9 weeks and you can harvest 21 ounces per 10 square feet of weeds. You get auto-flowering and feminized seed options to grow.

Smoking effects

Super Silver Haze produces more body-oriented highs. The smoke is relaxing and induces sleep instead of energy. It is still preferable because mental clarity is retained, which lasts for a long time. Its aromas are piney and sweet with fruity undertones. You feel the divine pleasure and well-being, while you smoke. It is a whole package offering a calm feeling with happy energy!

Medicinal use

The body high with a clear head associated with this strain is perfect for treating several medical conditions. It has proved to help conditions ranging from muscle cramps to depression. Its effects last long, so patients can enjoy relief from their condition for a longer time. Chronic pain gets mitigated all through the day with this strain.

Cannabis breeders used this strain as a parent to cross-breed with Granddaddy Purple to produce Silvertip. It also made its way very quickly within the cannabis community.

At Acres Cannabis, you can buy this Sativa-dominant strain in the form of concentrates, buds, edibles, etc. There are many other new and exciting Indica and Sativa strains available to choose from but make sure to give Super Silver Haze a try!