Warnings That Your Child May Have Dental Problems

It might be difficult for young children to express their emotions or describe their problems with their mouths and teeth. That is why it is essential for you to watch for the symptoms that suggest your kid could visit the children’s dentist in Fullerton

  • Regularly waking up

If your child is having trouble falling or staying asleep or looking lethargic during the day, a toothache could be the reason. Toothache is typically brought on by damage to the tooth, such as cavities or cracks in the enamel. For example, sleeping on one’s side may become an unpleasant experience as a direct consequence of this issue.

  • Unwanted Weight Loss or Food Aversions

Your child may be in pain if they avoid or cry when offered food or drink that normally brings them joy. When a tooth is injured, it might become hypersensitive to temperature changes. 

If you see any yellowing of your child’s teeth or gums, scheduling an appointment with a pediatric dentist immediately is essential.

  • Puffy Gums

If your child’s gums turn a dark reddish color and swell, it may indicate a tooth infection. Healthy gums are pink. Bacterial or fungal gum tissue infections can create issues and discomfort even without tooth infection. We can assist in treating your child’s mouth illness with a mild dental cleaning.

  • Smelly Mouth

Children and adults alike frequently have episodes of bad breath. However, a buildup of bacteria in the mouth is sometimes the cause of chronic bad breath. Infections of the gum tissue or tooth decay can result from excessive microbial growth.

A visit to the pediatric dentist may be in order to distinguish between common foul breath and signs of anything more serious.

  • Discoloration

A progressive darkening of a tooth’s color may result from enamel damage. Enamel is the tooth’s protective outer coating. Examine your child’s teeth to look for black pits or enamel darker than the rest of the tooth’s surface. The most effective moment to check for these symptoms is before the person brushes their teeth.

  • Jaw or Neck Swelling

An intricate web of nerves, blood vessels, and muscles links the teeth to the jaws and the neck. One or more infected teeth might cause discomfort in neighboring teeth.

A visit to the dentist may be in order if your child’s neck or jaw is noticeably puffier or redder than usual. Infections of the mouth are a significant dental emergency. 

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