What Should You Bring to a Plastic Surgery Consultation?

You have decided to have plastic surgery. Now what? Once you find a reliable plastic surgeon near you, you can begin planning. Make sure that the surgeon is well qualified to perform the plastic surgery that you are seeking.

Popular procedures today include weight loss surgery, skin revitalisation, face and neck surgery, and post pregnancy operations. Plastic surgery is a holistic term that covers the two main procedures of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. The primary aim of plastic surgery is to correct or improve misshapen body parts for therapeutic reasons or cosmetic purposes.

What Will You Pay?

Whilst reconstructive surgery corrects the physical features or functions of a deformity or defect, cosmetic surgery is chosen for aesthetic purposes. It is these differences that determine the amount of a Brisbane plastic surgery payment plan. If you are having a surgery done for medical reasons and bring a referral, for instance, part of the consultation charge is covered by Medicare and not a private health fund. If the reason for the consultation is cosmetic, you will be responsible for the entire charge.

Therefore, it is helpful to establish the reason for the surgery so you can better understand any fees or charges. When you do schedule the first appointment, you should bring the following documentation with you:

  • A valid ID, such as a driver’s licence
  • Medicare card
  • Membership card for private health insurance cover
  • Physician’s referral letter, if needed
  • Medical reports, such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other relevant data
  • A listing of medicines that you are currently taking, if any

Make a Commitment

Schedule an appointment by calling the office directly during the working hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Make sure that you already have in mind what type of surgery you would like to undergo so you don’t waste anybody’s time. You should be committed to taking the steps required to realise your plastic surgery goals and dreams.

Should you need to cancel your doctor’s appointment, show the proper courtesy by telephoning the office and giving the staff at least one day’s notice. That way, the appointment can be directed to other people wishing to see the doctor who are on a waiting list.

If you do follow up and show up for the first appointment, keep in mind that any time you spend waiting past the scheduled time may have to do with a scheduling delay. That is why it is always important to let your plastic surgeon know if you are running late or need to schedule at another time.

If you have a condition such as skin cancer, you may be able to take advantage of a “look/do” procedure. If the doctor determines that the cancer cannot be removed easily that day, another appointment will be set for the procedure.

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